RT @photocreate3: no one has ever died f

RT @photocreate3: no one has ever died for me before. the least I can do is be the best Christian I can possibly be


7 Habits for Greater Intimacy | Jesus, B

7 Habits for Greater Intimacy | Jesus, Bible and God Resources Online http://ow.ly/39G09
Amazing Stuff!!!!!

late night grinding away at the old scho

late night grinding away at the old school work

RT @christianrep: Be kind and compassion

RT @christianrep: Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Eph 4:32

RT @christianrep: If Ur brother sins aga

RT @christianrep: If Ur brother sins against u, go & show him his fault, just between th 2 of u. If he listens 2 u, u have won Ur brother over. Mt 18:15

Wonderful day that God made today. Looki

Wonderful day that God made today. Looking forward to another wonderful day tomorrow!

A Day in the Life # 7

Today was our church’s first Sunday in their new building! I had to start the day off by being a bonehead and not put the address in the GPS so we wouldn’t be late. It made for a difficult start to the morning. Jen and I were ready and willing to lead the kids church today, but we only had one mugwump so we combined the classes and sat in service instead. I love our new kids room though!

Jesus is so amazing! We place so much importance in the things that we do each and every day, but Jesus looks down and counts most of those things for nothing. A life lived with eternal goals in mind is a life well lived. I have learned over the past couple of weeks that it is not going to be easy to keep my eyes on Jesus. With school making me crazy and my writing desiring my attention I have had little time for anything else. Except of course spending time with my lovely wife. 

I see God doing so many things in this church and in my families lives. Jen and I have been praying for so many people that when we see something happen in one of their lives we just praise God Almighty! We are praying for the saints in this nation to go out into the harvest. It is past time to tend to the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, if you aren’t looked upon in a mocking or despising manner by the people who practice the ways of the world, then you might want to question where your walk with Jesus is. We are here for you my brothers and sisters in Christ! Let us know your prayers and your concerns. Prayer is the weapon with which all battles are won. Learn how to use it effectively and always pray in earnest. Peace be with you my friends and we are with you always!