What a wonderful day of rest the Lord has given me today! I got to sleep in, relax, and only think about homework a minimal amount today. People have to remember to take it easy every once in a while. In this fast paced world a person can lose their mind quick if they take some time to just be quiet. It’s nice to just get away and listen to the wind blowing through the trees or take a quiet drive out into the mountains. No music, no phone, just you and God. Talk to Him. Tell Him about all the things on your heart. It’s so much better than a shrink because God can actually do something about those things. Life is a struggle sometimes, believe me I know, but it makes things so much better when you make your time with God the priority of the day. Speak to him friends. He wants to hear from you. Read His word. He wants to speak to you. God bless all of my Christian brothers and sisters. I will be praying for the saints of Christ Jesus. If you have prayer requests please don’t hesitate to ask.