Another late night of homework. PoliSci, Intro to Lit., and ECON. You have to love college. Meanwhile my beautiful wife has gone to bed long ago. I don’t like having to miss my own wife when we live in the same house. It was different before. Before she came here to live with me we had it REAL hard. I was in the Army here on Fort Carson in Colorado. She was patiently awaiting our wedding in Garland, TX. (We were already married, but we decided to still have the big shindig in Texas.) So the first six months of our marriage we spent apart. It was the longest six months of my life. Worse than my final six months in Iraq after mid-tour leave! But, I guess life struggles on and then you get over it and get stronger. God is using each and every circumstance in our lives to teach us something. I’m pretty sure the time in Iraq and the six months away from my wife had something to do with me asking for patience. We’ll see if I ask for that one again! God is so Great and I wish that I were so much better at being a decent servant for Him. I’m not giving up though, and neither should the other saints! His cause is worth fighting whether we feel like it at the moment or not. All of the great Christians in history weren’t at their spiritual peak when they were examining their own lives. They did amazing, memorable things when they were focusing on Christ Jesus. By focusing on Jesus they opened up their lives for Him to examine, and were humble and repentant when convicted of something. This is what we must strive for. Not just a good life. A life lived close to HIM in spite of the circumstances. Struggle onward with me fellow saints. We shall reach that Jerusalem yet!