I have been sitting here in the hospital for 18 hours waiting for my friends baby girl to be born. What an amazing gift from God! He has allowed us to witness this wonderful blessing that he has given my friends today. I start to wonder, looking at this small pink package of joy, about things much different. About a world where everyone knows God and loves Him. I start to think about how nice it would be if this beautiful little baby girl could come into a world where God was honored. A place where Christians knew and helped each other, and were the kind of saints that our Father has called us to be. What if, through everything, we were kind, compassionate, loving, and caring servants that we are supposed to be. Regardless of situation, regardless of circumstance, and regardless of someone else’s actions or attitude. What if we took it upon ourselves to treat others right? Even if no one else does. Follow the laws of the land. Even if no one seems to care if we do. What if we had integrity? What kind of difference would that make in this world? Would that change the way the collective world looks at our Father? Brothers and sisters. What if, for Jesus, we actually started doing the things that we know deep in our hearts we are supposed to do? What if we actually began to disciple to the world like we are called to do? Making a difference for Jesus in this cold dark world. What if, for baby Kayla, we began to set an example for the generations to come? Is it killing you my friend? To think of all the things you aren’t doing. Have you, like me, given some footing back to the darkness in your life. Filling your time with football, facebook, or planning your weekend. Hiking and dinner parties aren’t wicked, at least not until they start taking the place of your time with God. Has your lust for a new phone, car, house or whatever taken the place of God in your thoughts. Do you find yourself thinking of the things you would like to have or things you would like to be different while you are trying to pray? This has been my struggle friends. Has it been yours? Worry not! Jesus is not shaken by the world. Jesus is not surprised at our failures. He is there with open arms for us to repent and return to righteousness. Jesus is not hindered by the image that the world has given Him. He is as holy as he ever was! No amount of trash talking or faith bashing by some radio disk jockey is going to send God running. Our saviour, the only one who spoke creation into existence, is waiting for the day when He will gather us into that eternal kingdom. In those days the Richard Dawkins of this world will pay for their sins. I pray that they come to know Jesus Christ before that day and I make it my personal goal to show them His love. The ones who do not will face eternal separation from God and the eternal fires of Hell. Brothers and sisters don’t let your friends face this! The people you call friends should know God or should at the very least have heard about God from your very own lips! Can you really say you love someone if you haven’t given them the chance to know Christ Jesus? Think on these things my fellow saints. Remember the young ones growing up in this world. Are we teaching them the right way to walk with Jesus? Or are we teaching them that Jesus is fine on Sundays as long as He doesn’t interrupt the football game? Can you say with your whole heart that you have lived for Jesus today?