God is so amazing! Thank you for coming to read my blog!

Each and every day we go to work or school and deal with kids and clean the house and make dinner and our lives are so busy! But Jesus is waiting on us to draw nearer to him. While on earth Jesus took time every morning and evening to pray to God and earnestly seek him. Jesus was the absolute image of what we are to be as Christians. Some say that his way doesn’t work in this modern age. It does, we just don’t want to accept the consequences of what living that lifestyle will bring. We don’t want to be considered fringe or radical. Jesus was so radical in His time that they hung Him on the cross and let a murderer go free. There are excuses, and then there is truth, and the truth is we lack the faith as Christians today to follow his path. It is our lack of devotion to Him and the prayer closet that allows this failure to come about. Lack of the fear of God and too much fear of what the world has to say. I want to inspire you and me to change this. I want to be radical for God. I want to reach out to the hearts of people and give the Holy Spirit a chance to change their lives. Our lives should not be controlled by pop culture or the media. Lets give our lives completely to Him. God Bless you my fellow saints. I am in prayer for you all.