We need to wake up! We are losing ground for the kingdom of God in this nation. As time passes people get more and more wrapped up in their own lives. Christians in this nation are forgetting their first love. Anne Rice, a well known author and self proclaimed Christian, has denounced the Christian church and society. http://huff.to/bI3sLv How many of us are headed down this road? Have we gotten so far away from God that we take deep offense to the imperfections of our fellow Christians? Granted not everyone is perfect, but Jesus Christ is. Jesus, the one who knows all sin, loves everyone! So how does that make you and I look if we only see the surface impurities and refuse to accept and forgive them? Stay close to the Lord and draw on his strength. A perfect church does not exist, and if you found a perfect one and joined it then it wouldn’t be perfect anymore. We are all sinners saved by God’s grace. He has given us free forgiveness and all we had to do was accept it. Shouldn’t we as followers of Christ do the same? When someone offends shouldn’t we offer free forgiveness? I am not saying that we shouldn’t bring it up to our fellow brother or sister and let them know that we were offended. This is good for us to do in a kind and loving manner, but once we do bring it up then accept the apology and forgive them. We cannot work together as brothers and sisters in Christ without being open to correction and being willing to forgive. A rebellious and angry spirit is the wisdom of the devil. Denounce it the moment you recognize it in your life. We are here to encourage and support each other in our walk with Jesus Christ. Lift your neighbor up and encourage them and tell them what they mean to you as a fellow believer! It is the lack of things like this that cause people in the church to feel like outsiders and fall away. We are striving onward my fellow saints! Life moves quickly and the children are loud and it seems as though financial struggles will never end, but God provides! Stay close to Him and study His holy word. Jesus went to a quiet place to pray every morning and every evening, and he knew the words of God by heart! What does this mean for us? Jesus was the symbol of everything we are meant to be. Draw near to Jesus friends, and He will draw near to you. Though the water is rough and rocky and we’re burdened by the waves Jesus Saves!