Taking a break from the crazy week! God is so good to give us time to rejuvenate! This has been such a great weekend for me even though we didn’t do much. We started off the day by waking up around 11 or so. Then we had brunch in bed and watched a movie. We had pancakes and sausage and watched “The Prince and Me”. 

When we finally got out of bed we set about the daunting task of cleaning the house. Since it really was a crazy week we had just about trashed every room. The dishes were the biggest chore. However, teamwork does prevail in these matters and keeps either one of us from feeling overwhelmed by the cleaning process. We had the house and both cars cleaned up in a matter of three hours. *Pats himself on the back*. Since we had so much time left in the day we ran and got the mail and went to Autozone to pick up some upholstery cleaner and oil for my pickup. We also went to King Sooper’s to pick up a few things.

Getting back to the house Jen set in to making dinner and I went to my study to write while she did that. Unfortunately my writing was sidetracked with my secret task to find the ultimate blogging software. You know the one. The software that allows me to update 25 blog sites @ the same time and while I am typing searches the web for some interesting video or picture that goes along with what I am talking about. Yeah that’s the one. Unfortunately that was a dead end. However my wonderful wife did happen to make the best chicken and dumplings with cheesey garlic biscuits i have ever eaten! So the night wasn’t a total bust. We crashed on the couch after enjoying a nice dinner and watched “Return to Me” before turning in for the night. Such a wonderful day. God thank you for giving me a wonderful wife to enjoy my days with!